The practice of Body Alignment has stood the test of time, enduring ten times longer than modern medicine has been available. AlignLife uses a very advanced form of chiropractic designed to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. According to AlignLife’s twenty years of clinical research, an estimated 90% of the population is dealing with some level of abnormal alignment from poor posture, excess stress, trauma, toxicity or malnutrition.

Body Alignment has two primary benefits:

  • Structural Balance
  • Brain Awareness
Structural Balance

Just as the alignment of the front end of your car prevents damage to your car and premature wearing of your tires, Body Alignment reduces the destruction of your joints (arthritis) and reduces the many pains you experience when in motion and at rest. Body Alignment is a drug-free, non-invasive, safe and effective service to reduce your pain and maximize your health.

Proper alignment will also increase mobility, improve sports performance, reduce fatigue and enhance sleep.

Brain Awareness

It is unknown to most individuals that all communication from your brain to your body occurs through the delicate nerves that exit the spine. When you have poor Body Alignment those vital nerves may get compressed which can alter the signals going from the brain to any area of your body. Once the signal from the brain to the body is compromised, you will have a lowered state of health, and experience a myriad of potential symptoms.

Your Assessment

Regardless of the name of the health condition you suffer from, maintaining Body Alignment is essential to maximizing healing and reducing chronic symptoms. Unfortunately, you can have a health condition caused from a compressed spinal nerve with absolutely no pain. For this reason, it is imperative to have an advanced chiropractic evaluation to see if your problem may be related to your Body Alignment. AlignLife specializes in chiropractic assessments for both children in adults.

AlignLife physicians provide free phone consultations for those individuals who would be interested in discussing their health problem. Results may vary for each individual.

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